[ENG] DamageSan 2017 – T-talo 30.6. – 2.7.17



[ENG] DamageSan 2017 – T-talo 30.6. – 2.7.17

DamageSan 2017 is a Tekken 7 tournament event brought by three different scenes (Turku, Joensuu and Tampere).  The finest Tekken players in Finland and outside it will be contesting for the number one spot. Get ready for the next battle! This event will only be for two days but Turun taistelupelaajat have a weekly set up for Sundays, which will allow for a whole weekend of gaming.



T-talo is located at Vanha Hämeentie 29, 20540 Turku.  The venue has about 25-35 free parking slots, if they are full however then just around the corner is a bigger parking lot, which is also mostly free. From Kauppatori it’s possible to come by bus too (2A). Check Föli-reittiopas for more accurate information on buses.


Schedule (changes to the schedule are possible)


16:00 – Doors open

19:00 – 3 on 3 team tournament starts

00:00 – Doors close


12:00 – Doors open

14:00 – 1 vs 1 tournament begins with pools

17:00 – Food break

18:00 – Double Elimination

00:00 – Doors close, thank you for coming!


14:00 – Turpakellari at Turku Game Hub

21:00 – Turpakellari ends



Preordering tickets has ended on 24.6.17. You may still pay the fee at the venue.

Venue fee is 10 €.

3 on 3 tournament fee is 5 €/person. All of the fee will go towards the pot.

1 vs 1 tournament fee is 15 €. All of the fee will go towards the pot.


Event rules

DamageSan 2017 is a non-alcohol event. If we find you drinking at the venue, you may be removed.

We do not take responsibility for your belongings. Our staff will try to keep an eye on your stuff, but please take care of your valuables.

Do not disturb a player who has a tournament match going on without a good reason.

Have fun!


Tournament rules

These settings and rules apply to both tournaments.

  • 60 game seconds
  • Best of 5 rounds
  • Random stage select unless players come to a mutual conclusion.
  • [Aforementioned settings are covered by in-game Tournament Mode]
  • Custom items are not allowed, unless both players agree on it and report to the judge.
  • Please set your buttons at the character select. Tournament Mode does not allow button config during the game.
  • If a player presses the PS-button, their opponent is eligible to take a round win or choose to continue the match from there. If neither player pressed the PS-button then the fault is on us for not desyncing the controllers and players may restart the match.
  • Tournament judges will desync all the bluetooth controllers after the match

3 on 3

  • Straight double elimination
  • Teams will pick an order in which their members play. Double blind. Report the order to a judge.
  • Winner stays on until all the opposing members are defeated.


  • Pools are played best of 3.
  • Double elimination is played best of 5 throughout.
  • The loser may pick a new character or a new stage or both. Winner keeps their character.



3 on 3

  • Winner takes all.
  • In addition to that, all the members get 12 months of Playstation Plus time.

1 vs 1

  • Top 3 payout. First place gets 70%, second gets 20% and third place gets 10%. In addition to that the first place also wins 12 months of Playstation Plus time. The pot comprises of all the tourney fees and a bonus of 300 €.
  • There may be surprise prizes announced during the event…