Battle of the Vikings 11.1.2020



Battle of the Vikings 11.1.2020

Turun taistelupelaajat together with Academic Nintendo Club and Grail Group are going to hold the very first esports-themed cruise ever! Viking Line has graced us with the opportunity to measure our mettle against our longtime friend and rival, Sweden, in Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, NHL20 and FIFA20. The prize pool for Tekken 7, the game we host, is a whopping 1000 € so let’s see which of the Nordic countries gets to take it home!

For Finnish players the ship leaves from Turku on Saturday evening 11.1.2020 and comes to Stockholm in the morning when Swedish players get to hop on. From there we’ll go with a double elimination tournament. Entry fee for a competitor is 30 € and the price of the cabin. If you’re only interested in spectating and playing casuals you may opt for the 10 € spectator ticket + cabin.

To get your ticket in Swedish and more info please go here.

To register for the tournament you need a account. The page will be added a bit later.

Prize pool

Instead of the traditional top 3 prizes, we’ll be handing out money for the whole of top 8:

  1. 300 €
  2. 200 €
  3. 150 €
  4. 100 €
  5. 75 €
  6. 75 €
  7. 50 €
  8. 50 €

Schedule (Finnish time)

11.1. Saturday

20.55 – Viking Grace leaves Turku
21.00 – Pelimaailma/Gaming World opens its doors (conference spaces, deck 9) Casual matches and warming up for Tekken and Smash players
21.30 – NHL & FIFA King of the Hill 1 -tournament
00.00 – Pelimaailma/Gaming World closes

12.1. Sunday

9.00 – Pelimaailma/Gaming World opens its doors (conference spaces, deck 9
Casuals and warm-ups
9.30 – Both Tekken 7 and Smash Ultimate tournaments begin
10.00 – NHL & FIFA King of the Hill 2 tournament
13.00 – NHL & FIFA King of the Hill 3 tournament
15.00 – Lunch break
16.30 – Tekken and Smash finals
17.00 – NHL & FIFA King of the Hill -finals
19.15 – Award ceremony
19.30 – Pelimaailma/Gaming World closes
19.50 – The ship comes back to Turku

Tekken 7 tournament rules

  • The whole tournament will be ran as a double elimination tournament. The rules align with Tekken World Tour rules unless otherwise mentioned
  • Rounds: Best of five
  • Games: Best of three (except top 3 matches which will be best of five)
  • Stage selection: Random
  • Loser gets to pick a new character and also a new stage (selection is still random)